SMYS participant information


The organisers of SMYS wish to encourage PhD candidates to present their contributions as well as to participate without a paper in the workshops and discussions. With this Conference, we would like to promote research projects of young linguists at the beginning of their career as well as to help younger and less experienced scholars with their theses. Therefore, we would like to invite all PhD candidates who share an interest in linguistics and its sub-fields to attend. As the Conference will cover a variety of themes, we hope to attract young researchers investigating in the fields of applied linguistics, translation studies and psycholinguistics. All those wishing to contribute papers or just to attend workshops are welcome to participate in the Conference.


The following thematic Ph.D. workshops will be chaired and facilitated by:


Linguistics: Piotr Mamet, Adam Wojtaszek


Translation: Andrzej Łyda, Krystyna Warchał


Applied linguistics/SLA/Teacher training: Danuta Gabryś-Barker, Mirosław Pawlak, Maria Wysocka


Multlingualism: Jean-Marc Dewaele, Danuta Gabryś-Barker, Pilar Safont


To take part in these sessions, please send a 300-word description of your thesis proposal, which will then be presented by you (20 minutes) and discussed with the facilitators and other PhD students during the workshop.


Paper abstracts (300 words) with a title SMYS 2017 should be sent by 30th JUNE 2017 to our e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


YRISM participant information



As took place during the first symposium in Donostia in 2016 (DISM), we would like to follow the idea put into practice by Prof. Jasone Cenoz. This symposium will bring together young scholars (PhD candidates and those having defended their PhD in the last 5 years) who work on multilingualism from different perspectives: e.g. cognitive, linguistic, sociolinguistic or educational. Young researchers working on projects that focus on multilingualism will have a chance to present their ideas in a less traditional format than is in the case with SMYS. Senior scholars can also attend the symposium, as co-authors of the work presented by young researchers.


To take part in these sessions, please send a 300-word abstract including your project/research study. Participants will have a chance to introduce their projects in a 5-minutes slot to other participants and facilitators. This presentation will be followed by a poster presentation session, in which each individual participant will have a chance to talk to different facilitators, experienced researchers in multilingualism and members of the IAM Board (and more).

Poster abstracts (300 words) should be sent bearing a reference to YRISM 2017 by 30th JUNE 2017 to our e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Open workshops for all the participants

 There will also be workshops and sessions for both SMYS and YRISM participants:

  1. Editorial workshops:


Workshop 1: Danuta Gabryś-Barker (Guidelines on academic paper submissions)


            Workshop 2: Jean-Marc Dewaele, Miroslaw Pawlak, Adam Wojtaszek - Q & A session


  1. Academic writing workshop: Katarzyna Molek-Kozakowska

  2. Academic presentations: Anthony Barker



The registration form, including the paper abstract, should be sent as an attachment to an e-mail. Additionally, to facilitate the procedure of building the conference database, all participants are kindly asked to type their entry details into an Excel document (baza2017.xls), filling in all the columns in the second row below the blue headings, and send it back as a separate attachment, changing its name to SurnameName.xls (in Excel 2003 format). Both documents necessary for registration can be downloaded from our webpage at