The event will be held in Szczyrk, a well-known resort town in the Beskidy Mountains of Southern Poland and the dates are: 16th to 18th November 2017 (with the possibility of an earlier arrival on Wednesday, 15th November). The conference venue will be the Hotel META. All conference participants can be accommodated there, but if for any reason you prefer to choose different accommodation or don’t require any at all, please indicate this on your registration form.



 The conference fee: PLN 1000 (€260, US$ 280) for those who wish to stay in a double room and PLN 1200 (€310, US$ 330) for the participants who prefer to use single rooms. The rooms will be distributed on the first paid – first served basis. The fee covers almost all participation costs, including the accommodation, conference materials, the meals and the cost of subsequent publication.


 The additional fees are:


Shuttle bus: 25 PLN/ 6 euro (a single journey), 50 PLN/12 euros (a return journey) - to be transferred together with the conference fee

Conference Dinner: 50 PLN/15 EUR (to be paid on arrival at the conference venue)

 The fee must be paid not later than 10th October 2017 to our conference account at the University of Silesia, the account number is: 74 1050 1214 1000 0007 0000 7909, the beneficiary: Uniwersytet Slaski w Katowicach, ul. Bankowa 12, 40-007 Katowice, Poland, the title of the payment: SMYS + your name. The swift code of the bank is INGBPLPW. For payments from abroad it is customary to extend the IBAN number by PL added in front of the account number. It is very important that you mark the payment with the sub-account name SMYS and your name, because otherwise the financial department will not know where to allocate the money and we will not have your name on the list of those who have paid.


To ensure that the money transfer is properly registered, please e-mail us a scan of the payment document, or its electronic version in PDF/JPEG. All the money transfer costs and bank charges must be paid by the participant.


IMPORTANT: Everyone who wishes to receive an invoice (Faktura VAT) issued to the home institution should make sure that the money is transferred by the institution, and not from a private bank account of the participant. It is a policy of our financial department not to issue the bills to a different person/institution than the one who actually made the payment. If, for some reason, it is impossible for the university to transfer the money for conference participation and the staff members are asked to make the payments by themselves, we suggest that in order to ensure that the bill will be issued to the sending institution the transfer should be made by a postal order with the name of the institution as the payer. Bank transfers from private accounts will always be treated as paid by the account holders. If the fee is paid at the conference desk in cash, there is no problem with issuing the bill to the university.


There will be an opportunity to apply for a grant sponsored by the International Association of Multilingualism to participate in the symposium. More information on this will also be provided in the Second Circular (JULY 2017)





How to get to the Conference


From Warsaw: If you land at Warsaw Okecie Airport, you may get to Warsaw Central Train Station (the distance is about 15 km.) by bus or taxi. If you wish to take a taxi, avoid the touts who meet international flights in the terminal and go to the outside taxi rank. Company "919" is reliable (the name appears on the roof and door of the cab). But a taxi can be very expensive (as much as 80 zloty). City bus # 175 leaves every 15 minutes or so from the airport and stops opposite the central station (the journey takes about 20 minutes). Tickets are approx. 4 zloty per person and can be purchased from the driver; you must buy an extra ticket for every large piece of luggage. A special bus service, Airport City, runs distinctive red and yellow busses into the city centre every half hour; tickets cost 8.00 zl. and are purchased from the driver. Recently, a new railway service has been introduced linking Warsaw airport and the Central Railway station, it is line S3 departing every half an hour or so. This is probably the most convenient option now, as it will get you directly to the train station.From Warsaw Central Station (Warszawa Centralna) express or Intercity trains leave for Bielsko-Biala, which is 40 minutes away from SZCZYRK, if you take a local bus. Alternatively, you might arrive in Katowice or Kraków, and continue your trip to Bielsko-Biala and Szczyrk from there. Second class tickets to Katowice cost about 100 zl (incl. seat reservation, which is required); first class tickets are about 50% more expensive but the difference in comfort is not appreciable. Tickets are purchased in the main hall of the station and there can be a wait in line of up to 20 minutes. The station has numerous coffee bars, shops and kiosks, some of which sell detailed maps, guidebooks and phrasebooks. Be mindful of thieves and pickpockets. The train timetable is available at the following website: the bus schedule from Biesko-Biala to Szczyrk here: (unfortunately only in Polish). The bus stop in Szczyrk where you should get off the bus is Szczyrk, Kolejka, the bus stop where you get on the bus is Bielsko-Biala (Dworzec Autobusowy).



From Katowice: If you arrive in Katowice by train from Warsaw or elsewhere, you can get to Bielsko-Biala by frequent local or express trains; the journey takes 1,5 hours or 1 hour, respectively. A local train ticket costs about 15 zl.



From Bielsko-Biala: The municipal bus station in Bielsko-Biala is situated opposite the main train station and the two are connected by a pedestrian overpass. There are up to 30 daily busses to Szczyrk; the journey takes about 40 minutes and tickets, purchased at the ticket booth before boarding the bus, cost about 18 zloty. Alternatively, you can take a taxi; the journey should cost 80-100 zl.